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From: ozpopples
Date: 2002-04-08 18:11:00 UTC
Subject: Sick ferret - need advice

I live in Canberra Australia and there are NO ferret aware vets
here. We have spent a fortune in the past but our ferret died and
the vets didnt know what was wrong. I need your advice before we
consider taking Mac to the vet so I can give them some potential
things to look for.

Mac is a desexed male, 16 months old. Over the past few days he has
become very lethargic, sleeping ALL the time, yawning lots, seems to
stagger / loose balance when walking, back is hunched up when
walking. He has become skinny (we're heading into colder weather
here so he should be putting on some weight) although he is eating
(but not much) and drinking. He seems confused as if he doesnt know
what he wants to do. He's literally sleeping 24 hours a day.

please help