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From: jraja0722
Date: 2002-04-21 21:05:00 UTC
Subject: Low BG symptoms

Hi all,

One of my fuzzies, Obelix, today started to show some strange
symptoms: starting off into space and then falling over, loss of
balance and his hind quarters dropping out from under him and
confussed walking in circles, he also has always been a low weight
ferret, 2 lbs even and a male. Although we have never had a ferret
with an insolinoma we have heard of it and its symptoms. Either way
we became concerned and immediatly took him to our animal hospital.
The vets there assumed hypoglycemia and his BG came out to 85.
However, he had just eaten. So six hours later they got a fasting BG
level and that was 96. Soooo, while we have not seen our normal vet
yet, I figured I would drop this out and see what someone may make of
it. My major questions(which I will be asking the vet tommarow) are:
Could this still be insolinoma? And What else could cause these