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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-05-27 12:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: signs of cardiomyopathy?

> on her back, she begins to cough alittle or yawn suddenly, as

There might be a behavioral reason, too. Belly exposure is a
common surrender sign in many members of carnivora, soif she
is doing it in that part of play context she may just be
surrendering or may even be goig for two out of three depending
on how she behaves afterward.

It's always good to have vet checks and testing done when a
question is present, as you know. The worst that can happen is
that you catch something which means that you have chance to
treat it most often, even if it's only for months or so. The best is
that you get a good halth baseline on the ferret.

Seriously, we don't fool around if we think that certain things may
be going on, and we've twice (half of the cases here) by weeks to
months called heart problems before they showed up in
classical fashions because sometimes a person who sees the
day-to-day behavior can see problems earlier. Now, your little
one's activity level makes me think that cardiomyopathy may be
less likely, but something could be going on and so makes
sense to look again, nad I am glad that you asked here in case
the combination rigns anyone's bell, nad that you have already

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