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From: ferretsonly
Date: 2002-06-21 00:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: first time annuals---any preferrence?

>According to the vets here, Fervac has a lower rate of
> reaction than Galaxy-D, but isn't completely free of

I believe that it is exactly the opposite. Many vets and home users
quit using Fervac and went back to the unapproved Galaxy-D because of
the tremendous number of reactions with Fervac (from 1-10% according
to my research). I know of many ferrets that have had adverse
reactions or died from Fervac. Personally have never known of an
adverse reaction to Galaxy although I'm sure they have occured.

I don't know who did this page but the information seems accurate
(except for the error in the banner about "third most popular pet"):

>It's pretty new, though, so no one really has experience
>with its use over multiple years yet.

I have used it since at least 1995 (when Cooper went into
anaphylactic shock and almost died from Fervac) and I think since 93.