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From: Keldah Artrip
Date: 2002-07-01 15:06:00 UTC
Subject: RE: fleas -- here's something for the apartment

Since your little one is out and playing, some of the fleas can
jump off and get in the carpet and where ever else, which leads to
him picking them or their babies up later on, either before or after
you get the advantage stuff. Here is an idea to help with any stray
fleas that may have jumped off somewhere in the apartment. Very
important though, DO NOT do this while he is out of the cage. Only
do it at night when it's dark and he's safe in his cage. I found
this trick in an old farmer's almanac and it worked great for my dog
who turned into a walking flea storage. You'll need a bowl, a desk
lamp or a small light of sorts, a tray or something flat to sit the
bowl and light on, and some dish liquid (like Dawn or whatever
else). Set the tray in whatever room you think the fleas might be
inhabiting more, or even by the base of his cage (that is locked so
he can't get out), fill the bowl almost to the brim with water and
squeeze an ample amount of dish liquid in the water. Position the
desk lamp so that the light is either bent over or shining down into
the water. The next morning, you should have a bowl of fleas.
They're attracted to the light and when they go to it, they get in
the water in which the dish liquid kills them. It never fails. We
did this in every room of our house when I was little and literally
had hundreds, if not thousands of fleas each time (my dog was a huge
black lab that was outside a lot). By doing this, you can see just
how bad the flea infestation is or if they've spread to other rooms.
Theory would suggest that if you do this by his cage, they might
jump off of him for a moment out of the sake of curiousity and go
check out the pretty shining light of destuction. I know I'm being
repetative, but DO NOT do this when he is out. He may think it's a
bowl of drinking water and get very sick instead. You'll have
better results if you do this at night, hence the light being more
attractive to the fleas. Depending on how bad his case is will
determine how many you may catch. If your bowl is empty, then that
room or where ever you put it is safe for now. After my dog's
problem was fixed, we'd still do that from time to time and only
catch like three or so, which meant that the problem was correcting
itself. In any case, good luck! Email me if you have any
Keldah and the dynamic duo, Goku and Kira

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