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From: Divide Home Owners Association
Date: 2002-01-09 19:40:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Anemia

If your baby has anemia has epogen but discussed. When Oliver was anemic
that is what we used via shots. Good Luck, Deidre

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Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Anemia

<< File: CedesCBC010702.doc >> I need a little help here. I don't really
where to start my research. Cedes had bloodwork
Monday and Doc called me last night to say that he
is anemic (low RBC count). He wants to draw
some more blood to try to determine the cause of
the anemia, which would, in turn, point us in the
right direction for treatment. I am attaching his
bloodwork (I hope it's readable; I scanned it into
a Word document). I assume the Globulin is the
culprit but it is showing in the "high" range ???
I don't
understand enough to ask additional questions at
this time. Doc said we would first take a small
amount of blood and spin it just to make sure this
was not a false reading. If it is not, he will
run certain tests to attempt to determine the

For background, Cedes is between 7 and 8 y.o.
(probably closer to 8). He never went to a vet
until he came to live with me about 2 years ago.
In July he had a bilateral adrenalectomy but
apparently some residual tissue was left. He
never regained much fur so we ran the UT panel in
October and it came back positive for adrenal
activity. In December he had a 2mg/4 month Lupron
injection. He had ECE in the fall of 2000 and his
stools have never returned totally to normal. In
October 2001, he and Chester started having runny,
icky stools. We were never able to determine the
exact cause (fecal and bloodwork was done on
Chester). They were both put on a round of
Flagyl. Other than that, he hasn't had any other
medical problems. On Monday, he also had his
distemper booster (the new Merial Purevax) and had
his teeth cleaned.

I plan to take all seven in on the 21st for their
rabies boosters. We'll do additional bloodwork
then unless he goes downhill prior to that time.

One other thing that probably has no bearing on
anything...when Cedes came to me, his two upper
canines were as brown as can be. They are still
very brown and cleaning does no good. His other
teeth are just fine. Doc says it almost looks
like he had distemper at one time......

I would appreciate any ideas anyone might have as
well as pointing me toward any literature that
might help.