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Date: 2003-01-04 03:22:23 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Digest 4 Jan 2003 00:43:29 -0000 Issue 194
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In a message dated 01/03/03 7:44:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> In my totally non professional opinion, if the Ferret is showing symptoms
> and the U of Tenn Panel is positive there should be no need to wait for
> surgery. The Ferret is "ready" now and the sooner the surgery is done
> the better. If your vet is Ferret knowledgable and experienced I would
> think the affected gland would be obvious during surgery. Please
> DVM's, correct me if I am wrong!
In my professional opinion, I agree with this. In the many instances when I
have gone in early on a ferret with adrenal disease, although the gland may
well be the size of the other one, there are obvious changes in consistency
and color of the tissue and I have had no problems in telling which gland is
(or if both are) affected.

I strongly recommend surgery as early as possible in the course of the
disease - the ferrets are generally healthier and do better, the tumors are
smaller and the chance of complete removal is much greater. One of my own
ferrets just started (two days ago) with a very mild amount of haircoat
thinning on his back and with aggressive behavior toward one of his cagemates
- he'll get the earliest opening on the schedule that I have. I have no
doubt that I will be able to tell which gland(s) need to be removed.

Dr. Ruth
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