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Date: 2003-01-04 17:55:37 UTC
Subject: RE: Strange problem
Message-ID: <21636342.1041702937078.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Lupron might help. We have had it help with some behavior displays, as when one apparently decided that my pink toes would serve as her babies, and when another insisted on urinating on the head of our youngest ferret (a behavior unique to her and then only at such times which she did every time her adrenals caused problems).

First off, what do you mean by adrenal "cancer"? Most adrenal tumors are benign neoplasias, not malignant. Of the ones which are malignant there is one form which almost never spreads if it is operated on rapidly. What were the results of the pathology when she had surgery? Knowing what form of growth was there before could perhaps help answer your questions.