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From: cobalt
Date: 2003-01-09 08:01:57 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] yeast infection?/Adrenal
Message-Id: <2906355.1042113838730.JavaMail.nobody@magnesium>

I spoke with a tech, and the blood panel costs $379...
the vet suggested (said the tech) that we do a barium x-ray to check for a
hairball, which would be $250.
Exploratory surgery would be around $600 and up, but the vet did not
suggest this (I only know it from a previous ferret surgery).

My question is this: costwise, it would seem reasonable to have her do an
exploratory surgery...would an exploratory be the best choice healthwise?

And, is it inappropriate to push for surgery?
I have a good relationship with my vet, and I want to keep it that way
while still getting the care I feel Fatboy needs...any advice on how to
approach this with my vet would be appreciated...


>About your picture of Fatboy you askeed if it looks like early adrenal.
>My answer is "It sure does". That bald patch across his hipbones is a
>very strong indicator.

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