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Date: 2003-01-09 12:12:09 UTC
Subject: One of my ferrets is loosing weight!!!1
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Hi everybody!!!
This is my first time in this discussion group. My name is MAr=EDa an I am =
Spanish. I am owner of three sweet ferrets Uri is the mother and Spooky and=
Lizard are her sons.
since last month I realised that Lizard is loosing weight, I=B4ve recently =
took him to the vet and she analised his heces and found that he suffer a d=
isbiosis and can=B4t digest properly so he has lost weiight becaiuse of tha=
t. I justa wanted to ensure that this is the actual problem or if you think=
it could be something different. I have to give him some antibiotic for a =
week and after that chek his heces again, tha is what the vet says, you thi=
k it is correct?
Than you for your help!!!