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Date: 2003-01-09 20:44:44 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Clyde's Upcoming Adrenal Surgery
Message-ID: <7516063.1042145084961.JavaMail.root@scandium>

>Like Sukie, I've never lost one
> right after surgery

Well, last month we actually did lose Glueball right after surgery, but that wasn't an adrenal surgery. She had very widespread lymphoma and never made it out of the hospital. That wasn't a case of vet error. It was largely hidden case despite having advanced and we all though that we getting in at the start of a problem. This sort of thing can happen with some individuals of any species, and she was playing the very day before her surgery but finally also beginning to show some only mild symtoms then despite the malignancy being so widespread.

We have never lost one right after an adrenal surgery, though. The reason I have taken to mentioning this is because last year I learned of someone who -- after losing a ferret -- was told by the vet that a third of the ferrets having adrenal surgey at that practise are lost. I don't know what that vet was doing wrong, but I sure hope that individual vet wants to learn. (The person changed vets.) It can pay to find out beforehand how confident a vet feels, that vet's personal success rate, and what info a vet may want to have first.