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Date: 2003-01-10 04:57:06 UTC
Subject: Home Glucose test result - 28!
Message-ID: <32686799.1042174626882.JavaMail.root@scandium>

I just checked Melissa glucose at home and it was 28. Even lower than at the vet! However except for the weakness, she looks good and is moving around in her cage. I have fed her at least 6 times today and will feed her again in a few minutes.
She has only had 23 doses of pred, and I have been giving her Marshall ferretvite with her food along with pedialyte in replace of water. I don't know how often I should test her since I had to prick her toe pad to get blood - but it's a lot less strssful that a trip to the vet.
I suppose for now I will do what ever I can to get the glucose up, right? Karo mixed with water maybe? Maybe I can get a dextose drip at the vet? Any suggestions until the pred kicks in (if it kicks in)? Thank you everyone - what a GREAT bunch!
~ Lisa