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From: Betty
Date: 2003-01-14 17:17:50 UTC
Subject: Update on True Bilateral Adrenalectomy and Question on Malnutrition
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Well, it looks very promising for this little lady. After 6 months of
force feedings and giving subcutaneous fluids nightly, little Nova has
suddenly made a complete turnaround. For the past 4 weeks, Nova has
eaten and drank on her own. She is still thin as a rail (under a half
pound) but we can feel that she is building fat pads where she needs
them. And best news to date is that she is finally growing fur! It is
coming in quite thick and full. We can only see one stubborn area when
no hair has budded and that is at the base of her tail. She has a
wonderful perfumy scent, and has energy and spunk. Her poops have gone
from small dollops to normal sized and formed poops. Her weight is still
of concern but over all she is doing so much better than she did before.
A test on her urine showed that the past issue of potential kidney
problems has resolved itself.

Question: At what point is a ferret considered to be malnutritioned? I
understand that there is a point in which a ferret can consume a great
deal but not have the system to process the food properly. Are there
specific outward signs of malnutrition? Which areas of a complete blood
panel would show malnutrition?

betty and her blur o'fur
for the love of ferrets
missing Spaz