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From: (Mary Squillante)
Date: 2003-01-16 20:30:20 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Junior.
Message-ID: <4161354.1042756370280.JavaMail.nobody@strontium>

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if you remember my post about Junior. I had
taken him to a new vet who discovered that Junior had an enlarged
spleen. Bloodwork was taken and came back normal. The vet wanted to
Junior a shot that he felt would help. Since then I have been playing
phone tag with the vet. I was to set up an appt and wanted to find out
what the shot was for. I did set up an appt and was told by the
receptionist that it was a cortisone shot. Two days later I came home to
a message that the appt was cancelled and I would have to reschedule.
was never able to reach the vet again. As a result of this I was also
not able to get the bloodwork results for Dr. Williams. Boy do I wish I
had been able to do that !!! Well, long story short I had to put Junior
to sleep today. He had two large tumors in his spleen, had lost a lot of
weight and was not eating anymore. Because of his overall condition I
felt it best to let him rest. I also put my Belle to sleep today since
she was suffering from a huge adrenal tumor which was wrapped
around the
vena cava. She was sleeping all the time and crying in her sleep. It has
not been a good day. Mary, Tinker and
Sassy missing Ranger,Bandit, Oscar,Baby,Precious,Snowflake,Junior

[Moderator reminder: I am sure that we all are as sad as the moderators
to hear of two lost at once, but just remember that straight sympathy
posts which do not add health information must be sent to Mary
privately as per the rules. --SDC]