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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2003-01-17 18:57:07 UTC
Subject: feeding Sevie (A/V Heart Node Block) syringe alternatives
Message-Id: <a05210200ba4dfe59375c@[]>

Even with the Listerine helping them, Sevie's oral sores are making
it difficult for her to drink and eat from a bowl or spoon. She
finds comfort in having food held up high right now and drinking it
that way. Now, syringes are out; they simply pose too great an
inhalation risk and the last thing she needs is aspiration pneumonia.
We have found and swear by two alternatives when it boils down to
simply having to use something: a small crafts bottle which is small
baby doll bottle size with its tip cut off and is easily squeezed
gently, and a thing called a Dr. Clown 1 tsp. Spoon-Dropper which is
what she currently prefers. When a pharmacy around here stopped
carrying those we had to track them down and place an order (Some of
which went to shelters, some to family with babies due, and some for
our ferrets.). Because we had to order them we have the details in
case anyone wants to give them to a pharmacy or animal hospital, so
I'll put those in this once so that they can be in the Archives:
Item #67032, Dr. Clown 1 teaspoon Spoon-Dropper from Apothecary
Products, Inc. Minneapolis, MN 55337, These
measure up to 1 teaspoon and up to 5 ml in large increments. What is
great about them is the top which has the clown face but is accordion
pleated so that fine control is easy accomplished. This means that
the risk of accidental inhalation is way, way down.

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