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From: "Pam"
Date: 2003-01-18 00:15:17 UTC
Subject: :o( 4 month old passing
To: <>
Message-ID: <17426961.1042850647364.JavaMail.nobody@chromium>

It's hard to write this, but my Xander (4 months old) just passed away.
This came on all of a sudden: Here is what it consists of.
1/12/03 -- he ate in the am, nothing unusual, same food. I proceeded to
run the vaccuum and thought how funny, Xander wasn't chasing the
vaccuum, I looked for him and found him laying in his cage, strange
sounds in his chest. I rushed him to the Emergency Vets.
They first did a chest x-ray, lungs clear. Next did blood tests, all normal.
Next ultrasound. The vet found what he thought to be an obstruction
and did another x-ray. He then did surgery, only to find a large air
bubble. No obstruction. They then decided to go all routes and started
antibiotics (IV)and oral. Medications were Baytril, Meta...(can't
remember spelling) and clavamox. Oh, I forgot, before the surgery, he
did start vomiting and diarrhea.
Then he started showing signs of improvement. We went everyday to
visit and to transport from regular vet and emergency clinic.
1/14/03 Xander was much perkier and intentive and ate his food! The
vet said if he did not vomit, she would allow us to bring him home. We
did. He ate and drank that night, although, he didn't have the usual
energy, which we contributed it to his surgery.
1/15/03 Starting to worry, Xander did not have a bowel movement yet.
Called vet, said keep an eye on him, make sure he is drinking and
eating and watch for bowel movement. He did urinate a lot.
1/16/03 Xander again stopped eating, seemed lethargic again so off to
the vet. They again admitted him. Did exam, more blood tests, all
normal. More antibiotics. They fed him with the syringe and he ate
some. Still kind of lethargic, but again becoming a little more aware.
1/17/03 At 4:00 a.m. I called the Emergency vets, they said he was
doing great. Eating from the syringe, more attentive, moving around a
little more. BUT, his urine was a light brown color, so they were going to
change his meds. I left for work. At 6:00 a.m., the boyfriend got a call,
Xander passed away.

We still don't know what this was. We are sending the organs to Dr.
Williams, got to find out. As the vet removed the organs, she said she
didn't find any phyiscal signs of abnormalities. Even the lymphnodes
looked good, as I thought, juvenile lymphoma. Xander weighed 2 lbs.
and was in excellent health from the day I got him. Nov. 1, 2002.

God, I can still see him playing,jumping and being happy. He was my
little angel and gone so soon. How do we ever stop the hurt and crying?


[In such a very tragic situation sympathy always goes a long way, but do
remember that straight sympathy posts which do not have health content
must be sent privately instead of being posted. -- Moderator]