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Date: 2003-01-18 16:45:05 UTC
Subject: Swollen Vulva Options
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Moxie a 6 or 7 year old female. From the Utah Rescue that is why it is hard
to have an exact age. September 02 she had both adrenals removed. She also
had a walnut sized growth that came back cancerous. Enlarged spleen. Last
night, I noticed her vulva swollen. I have an appointment scheduled for
Monday. She is an energetic old lady when she is up. She eats and drinks
without a problem.

If the vet mentions that it is her adrenals again. At this age would a
person consider doing surg again. I also looked at another website last
night and saw some possible home remedies. If any, what options may I have
concerning this issue?

Thank you,