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Date: 2003-01-20 02:37:25 UTC
Subject: RE: weird lesions
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I have seen lesions like that when the towel clamps during surgery were incompletely steilized. It may help to find out where the vet puts the towel clamps. The vet should test the autoclave (there are kits available) to find out if it may not be working up to standards.

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Bruce Williams, DVM

Author wrote:
> our vet is baffled...we have two females, both fixed, both over 5 years old, both have been operated on for pancreatic nodules, successfully, at different times over the last year. Post surg, about 10-12 days and just after suture removal, both developed what my RN wife describes as stage 2 decubitus circumscribed lesions just where a thumb print (and exactly the same size and shape)would fall from holding the critter under the axilla in the shoulder area and around the abdomen. The lesions became visible immediately after bathing the animals post suture removal, when the fur slid to reveal the lesion outlined with a very thin, precise, red line that looked to me like a pre surg. field was that looked drawn on by human hands.
> The lesion eventually scabs over and heals, but it takes up to 6 weeks and the necrotic tissue is of course green and pussy and raised..all the while never encroaching outside that darn exact red line...still there and still magic magic marker perfect.
> Scrapings have been done to no fungal results like ringworm...we are at a loss and the vet is obviously concerned because is may have something to do with the surgical arena area or protocal at the facility.
> Thanks for any help and Bob Bon and Casio say "tanks" too!
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