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Date: 2003-01-20 02:46:37 UTC
Subject: RE: partial pancreatectomy vs nodulectomy
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Author wrote:
> When up and awake, he is alert and appears healthy but Cyndi the ever vigilant ferret wrangler/wife AND our vet are convinced that he is expressing a very Cushings Syndrome appearance...and they can find no reference to that being the case in ferrets.
> Can you comment or direct to reference? Or recommend perhaps a partial pancreatectomy this next time around...subject to -perhaps our vet getting in touch with you first (and she is very willing to do so)....we just keep increasing the pred doses and the ceiling must be getting near.
> Could you please cc any response off FHL to <> for printout to wife...I'll be gone until mid Feb and my internet access will be spotty at best.

Dear Bodie:

Ferrets don't really get Cushing's disease, so I can't give you a reference on that. This appearance (somewhat pear-shpaed with excessive fat in the abdomen and muscle wasting) is not uncommon in older ferrets, especially those with adrenal disease (but not Cushings.)

Prednisone administration over the long term can also accentuate this appearance (you can call this iatrogenic Cushing's if you want.)

If you would like a reference on the nodulectomy vs. pancreatectomy here's one:

Weiss CA, Williams BH, Scott MV.
Insulinoma in the ferret: clinical findings and treatment comparison of 66 cases.
J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 1998 Nov-Dec;34(6):471-5.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM