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From: "Roger Vaughn"
Date: 2003-01-28 20:52:27 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] How often to give carafate?
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Try to give your little guy Carafate every 8 hours every day, and for
at least a week after his symptoms seem to disappear. It coats the
stomach and allows any wounds (esp. ulcers) in there to heal. If you
stop it early, a wound that was healed enough to make the symptoms go
away may get aggravated again and cause a complete relapse.

Because Carafate forms a "bandage" in the stomach and is activated by
stomach acid, it will do very little for his mouth ulcers. It's not a
systemic agent unfortunately.

Hopefully someone else has good suggestions for the oral problems.

I'm not a vet; please check with your vet for confirmation before
starting any medical treatments.

roger & the wolverine wannabees
missing bear