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Date: 2003-02-12 22:45:22 UTC
Subject: autoaglutination?
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Hi All,
I am new to this list, and am joining because I have a very sick fuzzy. Mr=
. Roberts is a 7 year old Black Sable. He came to us 2 years ago with loos=
e stools. ECE like syndrome went thru our business. His stools have never =
been right, and our vet decided he would probably just have abnormal stools=
forever. He was eating, drinking and holding a decent weight. After abou=
t 1 1/2 years, he started losing weight, and some muscle. Stool samples sh=
owed nothing, and we tried Pred. In Nov. we came to Florida due to aging, =
ill parents. We are living in a camping traqiler, so I tried taking them f=
or walks. Mr. R. won't walk in harness. His stools got very loose again, =
ad the muscle wasting got worse. We had quit the pred when he did not get =
much better after 6 weeks of treatment. Anyway, his spleen is so enlarged,=
that the vet nearby and I feel it must be removed, or risk fracture. We s=
tarted Amoxi, flagyl and Pepto bid last Tues. And I had given sub q ringer=
s lactate 35cc 2 x day thru Sun. Over this period of time his spleen incre=
ased by 1/3 to approximately 5cm wide and 15 or more long. The doctor drew=
blood today, and is concerned about bruising on and around the draw site.=
She says he has some auto agglutination going on, and questions Ricketssi=
ol disease. Do ferrets get this, and should we try any other treatment for=
the bowel problem. After a week, that is only mimimally better. Help, p=
lease. Mary and Mr. Roberts


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