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Date: 2003-02-26 04:25:14 UTC
Subject: two baby ferrets sick one died
Message-ID: <1407033.1046233514185.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Hi My name is Donna. I bought a baby ferret on saturday and brought her home...... we named her baby she was playful in the pet store but when we got home with her all she wanted to do was sleep. When she woke up she wouldnt drink water,or eat food she couldnt walk or stand. I took her back to the pet store and we had a option to trade her as she was the littlest one in the litter. I exchanged her and brought her sister home yesterday afternoon. The baby ferret i exchanged baby for passed away this evening with no warning. She had been drinking water and eating..... but her little tummy was bloated. My Question is could something be wrong with the litter the pet store got Im so upset over this. Any information would be greatly appercated. Thanks for you time.