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From: "Sarah Nothelfer"
Date: 2003-03-11 02:20:24 UTC
Subject: glucose levels after part of pancreas removed
Message-Id: <>

Hi. My ferret just had surgery for insulinoma. He had many tumors and part of his pancreas was removed. Will this alter his glucose levels? I had his glucose rechecked after surgery. He had eaten about an hour earlier (vet didn't want a fasting) and his glucose was 80. The vet said that was ok but I was concerned. I just bought a Freestyle monitor and after 6 hours of fasting, his glucose was 50. So, does having less pancreas alter levels of glucose? Or should I be looking at putting him on meds? I'm using my "back-up" vet right now and this vet doesn't know anything about meds for insulinoma. So, I may have to find yet another vet. Thanks.

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