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From: "deena"
Date: 2003-03-19 02:26:54 UTC
Subject: Is it dangerous to wait?
To: <>
Message-ID: <2263554.1048050691437.JavaMail.nobody@chromium>

Kiwi, my 4 yr old female needs adrenal surgery. She has a thin coat and
swollen vulva. She also had some yellow/green discharge which
cleared up
after a week of amoxicillin. She needs surgery. The problem is that Odin,
other 4 yr old just had adrenal surgery on February 27, and my surgery
took a big hit.

I am saving as much as possible every payday to raise the money for
her surgery. My friends call ferrets "four-legged money pits" Maybe they
are right, but they are worth every penny I spend on them. It's just the
timing that's making this difficult.

My question is this: Is it safe to wait a month or so, or am I putting her
in jeopardy? If it's dangerous to wait, I will do whatever it takes to get
the surgery to the vet about a payment plan...knock over a
liquor store.(just kidding) My vet's office has a sign that says "no credit
extended" but maybe since we've had 2 adrenal surgeries done there,
would work with me. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks....deena