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Date: 2003-04-30 18:03:27 UTC
Subject: kidney disease and insulinoma
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I tried to post this last week, but I haven't seen it appear. Please forgive me if my post is in a queue someplace.

I recently adopted a 9 year old ferret who looks very healthy and active with a full coat, but she was showing hind leg weakness. She has been in the shelter for 8 years with limited exercise. We took her in for a full workup and all tests were within normal range except for blood glucose which was 60 and creatinine which was 1.2.

She was put on a low dose of prednisone and has responded well. She has less hind weakness and is even able to walk on a slick tile floor.

We took her back in for a recheck and her blood glucose was still in the low 60s and her creatinine was up to 1.5.

The vet is very concerned about her kidneys, but feels we need to increase her prednisone for the blood glucose. She recommends trying a low protein prescription cat food like KD.

I don't know what to think. I'm afraid to increase her prednisone because of the creatinine levels and I'm wondering how well a ferret with insulinoma will fare on a lower protein diet.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions from anyone who might have dealt with this type of situation