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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2003-05-11 23:17:39 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Ferretone
Message-id: <a06001204bae4811f6312@[]>

>Several years ago, I heard that some of the ingredients in Ferretone
>may cause cancer in ferrets. How true is this and/or does anyone
>have any input on this. Thank you.

I think that you are possibly talking about the reaction some people
had about some preservatives. The reality with those is that a
ferret would have to eat an impossible amount and do so day in and
day out for years to get the kind of dosing the rats had, and even
then there were decreases in some health problems and increases in
others in the rodent studies if memory serves. I can't recall the
details but I know that Dr. Bruce Williams wrote about these
preservatives somewhere and concluded as have so many others that the
panic is not warranted. This might be in the FHL complete archives
at but I think that it is in the FML
archives at
unless it predates the content now in the archives. It may even have
been in an old "Modern Ferret" or "American Ferret Report".

Just doing a quick look on the topic of preservatives:
but i don't know if these apply or how many apply and I don't right
now have time to read them, so you'll need to see if these are
applicable and search on your own for more info if needed or wanted,
I'm afraid.

I think it likely was just that preservatives rumor which raises its
head now and then...