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From: Kelly Foran
Date: 2003-06-05 00:29:35 UTC
Subject: Excessive grooming and itching?
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We are desperate for answers. I hope someone can help
us as our vets can not! I will try to stick to the
facts. Phoebe, 7yr old female bi-lateral
adreanlectomy. was on DOCP injections for aprox.
2yrs. She has been off of them for about 2yrs. she
seemed to need them initially, she would become
lathargic and stop eating without them. She has had
ECE, a severe kidney infection and several bouts with
an ulcer in the past. For years she has suffered with
recurrant bouts of diarrhea? Last April she began
coughing and gasping and grinding her teeth and had
some bleeding. Two vets viewed her x rays one said a
tumor in stomach or something? The other saw nothing?
She seems to go through these cycles? Eats a lot,
great poops, then bad poops and lots of itching and
grooming. A few months ago she had a benign skin tumor
removed. Most recently she has been doing really well
with her bowels, decent weight, but started grinding
her teeth again? Not a good sign. She is very itchy
and grooms herself the other ferrets and even us! It
is horrible! Her quality of life is not good. She
eats, sleeps and itches and grooms excessively. She
likes to eat a variety of food, but now even likes
thinks she did not like before. I want to help her.
she has been through so much in her short life. We
have an appointment Sat with Vet for bloodwork and x
ray, but I need help because I will depend on your
input. Our vets have gotten our ferrets through the
tough times only with the help of lists like this.
They do what we ask them to do, they just don't know?
Phoebe would have died years ago had we not had a
computer. Dr. Weiss told us about the DOCP injections
and we had to go to three different vets until one
agreed to give us the drug. Our vets care, but just
are not up to date on ferrets. Is tooth grinding a
sign of pain? or nausea? Thank you so much, sorry so
Kelly Foran

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