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Date: 2003-06-04 19:48:26 UTC
Subject: Has anyone had/done the large molar extraction?
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I have searched the archives and found many instances of ferrets needing to have canines (fangs) extracted or root canals performed due to breakage, etc. There are also many references to root canals being fairly "easy" and extraction having a risk of a cavity developing between the root and nasal cavity. But I think this is just with respect to the front canines...

I need to know whether anyone has ever done/had a ferret that had to have the very large, upper, back molar either extracted or root-canal-ed.

In the last 24 hours, Mishka has developed what is clearly a painful swelling in his eye, right above his large back molar. He is on Baytril and pred for other reasons, FWIW. He broke the bottom portion of this tooth off several years ago, but we have had it cleaned regularly and it doesn't look "bad" (discolored, gum bloody/inflamed, etc.) In the past, I have asked about getting a root canal a couple of times from different vets, but was told it was hard to do on that tooth because the root forks, and that it is very, very hard to remove that tooth because of the proximity to the eye. But maybe they were mistaken, or things have changed?

My vet, although wonderful, has not done this removal before, and would refer me to one of two other vets in town. One will not be in the office until June 10, and I am trying to reach the other. While I am trying to make contact with the other vet, I would appreciate any information on the potential success of an extraction or root canal in the large back upper molar.

Thank you,