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From: Melissa
Date: 2003-06-04 20:03:39 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Rear leg weakness
Message-ID: <>

Thank you very much for your kind reply. Mishka has
been ill for about 18 months now, and for the last
year has refused any food that wasn't hand-fed baby
food due to being insulinomic (and possibly, spoiled).
In March, he had surgery for his adrenal gland (he
was on lupron but had trouble with a swollen
prostate), and the vet said it was a right adrenal
that had grown into his liver, and that she didn't
think she could take out the whole thing. Based on
the implication with the liver, she thought he might
have 6 months at the most (which would be September).

Last week, he started having pronounced trouble
walking, and yesterday, his eye got very swollen above
where his big uppper molar broke a few years ago (I
tried to get a root canal or extraction when it
happened, but was told that the first was very hard
and the second was risky b/c there would be no support
for the bottom of the eye if that tooth were removed).

He just looks so tired. I am trying to determine now
whether anything can be done about the tooth, or
whether I should let him go over. He has been through
so much - shots that he hates, not being able to get
around well, multiple surgeries, medicine multiple
times a day every day for months. And all his
girlfriends are at the bridge, too. (I have a couple
of much younger ones, but he has never had much
interest in them).

But, he does still kiss me, and sometimes will let me
hold him (although his IBD problems make it
uncomfortable for him to be held for long, I think),
and will occasionally take little walks around the
living room...

I just don't want him to undergo a procedure of
doubtful success, especially when (as I understand it)
he might end up with a fistula or major problems with
his eye. It is very hard to think of putting him to
sleep when this seems like something that "should" be
fixable. Anyway, thanks again for your nice reply.
Sorry to have made this so long!
Best Wishes

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