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From: "petsupermarket"
Date: 2003-06-04 19:48:26 UTC
Subject: Has anyone had/done the large molar extraction?
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Hi melissa.... what happened to your ferret is that he broke the 4th pre mo=
lar and keep open the root canal, making that some oral bacteria can go up =
from the fractured site to the apical of the root. The immune system of you=
r ferret will fight against this infecction, but in most cases the bacteria=
will win, and maybe will produce an periapical abscesse and fistula above =
the eye... now you need to go to a veterinary dental practice to treat this=
root canal and treat of this infecction, dont forgetting to close the frat=
ured site after treat the root canal.

I am vet in sao paulo, brazil, and i am studying my pos graduation on veter=
inary odontology and like very much ferrets..

sorry about my english, i did my best.

good look

marcio waldman dvm

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I have searched the archives and found many instances of ferrets needing to=
have canines (fangs) extracted or root canals performed due to breakage, e=
tc. There are also many references to root canals being fairly "easy" and e=
xtraction having a risk of a cavity developing between the root and nasal c=
avity. But I think this is just with respect to the front canines...

I need to know whether anyone has ever done/had a ferret that had to have t=
he very large, upper, back molar either extracted or root-canal-ed.

In the last 24 hours, Mishka has developed what is clearly a painful swelli=
ng in his eye, right above his large back molar. He is on Baytril and pred=
for other reasons, FWIW. He broke the bottom portion of this tooth off se=
veral years ago, but we have had it cleaned regularly and it doesn't look "=
bad" (discolored, gum bloody/inflamed, etc.) In the past, I have asked abo=
ut getting a root canal a couple of times from different vets, but was told=
it was hard to do on that tooth because the root forks, and that it is ver=
y, very hard to remove that tooth because of the proximity to the eye. But =
maybe they were mistaken, or things have changed?

My vet, although wonderful, has not done this removal before, and would ref=
er me to one of two other vets in town. One will not be in the office until=
June 10, and I am trying to reach the other. While I am trying to make co=
ntact with the other vet, I would appreciate any information on the potenti=
al success of an extraction or root canal in the large back upper molar.

Thank you,