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From: Dana & Mary Segalla
Date: 2003-06-10 15:01:58 UTC
Subject: Crystals in bladder
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I had an 8 month old female that developed crystals in her bladder, which
became stones. Because she was a female, she could pass them, but was in a
great deal of pain. They xrayed her thinking she had a blockage, and you
could see a line of "pearls" in her uninary tract. A urine sample found
both struvite and oxylate crystals. We treated her for months using
capron, a natural product for cats that is to break down crystals. There is
also a drug for crystal prevention. I hand fed her the whole time because
she didn't want to eat on her own. But she would play and leap and really
loved life. Her play periods were just short, followed by lying flat on
the floor, and she always slept on her back. We really thought she was
better when several months later she was attacked again. We fought with
her for 2 weeks, finally she so rapidly declined that she went in for
surgery and the vet removed about 8 stones larger than sand grains from her
urethra and somehow managed to work a few more down from her ureters. There
was a string of stones behind those removed. But she never recovered and
died at 15 months old. Kidney stones are not common in ferrets from the
research I found, but they unfortunately do occur. My poor little Beatrice
was sort of an extreme case, and we have no idea why she had them, my vet
just called her a gravel factory. Her diet was good. I have heard of a
ferret who had stones, recovered, and went on to live happily. I hope that
is what happens with your little guy.
Blessings in your fight,