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Date: 2003-06-14 20:49:52 UTC
Subject: RE: Chiclet''s test results so far as requested
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I'll put in Chiclet's splenic results when i get a copy of that but her vet called and the biopsy basically came back indicating that she might have an massive infection, or she might have lympho, or sher might have some other type of malignancy.

If she worsens or if she stops showing progress we have two next choices: pull the node if she finally looks like she would survive it, or try Pred on a challenge basis to see if she responds in which case it is more likely some form of malignancy. If she continues to improve it most likley is some form of infection.

Right now she is till improving even though she is still wiped out. Today for the first time in 11 days she has not have a fever. Her node is a tiny bit larger -- same measurement as two days ago but it is much softer so I think it may just be spreading out like a flaccid balloon and out vet agrees that is possible.

Today she may have a small upper respiratory infection beginning (but her throat is not red and still has some grinding (secondary things which both happened during the course of this).

She is eating well for most of her meals, still loses her waste on us pretty often, has zip energy and is beginning to act a bit depressed so we have been letting her smell things outside, have gotten her tiny light-weight toys, provided her with music and so on, and I am goign to make her a stink sack as soon as I finish this note. A stink sack is a paper bag with an assortment of safe culinary herbs in it to kind of provide a nasal theater for her and help hopefully perk her up. We've had good success with them with many ferrets.

Her coloration is good.

ideas fro raising her spirits are very welcome. Sometimes a ferret begins to recover and then get so bored and depressed that a downturn happens again, so these ideas will help Chiclet and others, too.