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Date: 2003-06-15 03:37:03 UTC
Subject: <1yr old, stool OK, blood sugar 90- why has he stopped playing?
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I have had my ferret, "Snert" for about 6 mos. Bought from a pet store who said he was about 8 wks old at purchase. They tell me he is from a breeder in Michigan- has a tatoo on right ear from breeder.
About two weeks ago Snert stopped playing. He just wanders around, then "melts" flat on the floor. Sleeps a lot.
I took him to a vet today who noticed Snert licks a lot, so he tested Snert's blood sugar. It was 90 (he had not fasted). I feed Snert Purina kitten food with ferretone on it sometimes. His weight is fine, but eating is slowing down. Seems to just lick the ferretone off his dry food so I stopped giving the ferretone and he didn't eat. So I have been feeding him canned beef cat food + beef baby food and some water so he drinks it like a soup.
My vet has no diagnosis for Snert. The more I read I am concerned about insulinoma. But he is seems too young for that. He uses his back legs OK, but I have noticed that he seems more tense through his body, limbs and tail when I hold him. He is usually limp as a noodle!
I would like to treat Snert for whatever he has, early- but am concerned that the vets in the area may not be familiar enough. I live in Asheville, NC. Anyone know a good vet here (didn't see any on Star)? Can anyone point me in the general direction of what may be wrong with Snert and what checks should be done next? We have not done an x-ray yet...should this be done? Could he have an impaction?