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Date: 2003-06-24 09:32:25 UTC
Subject: Lupron - shot renewal
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Hi, I was wondering how common it is for ferrets to be small (runty)? I ad=
opted a ferret from the humane society and they told me he was between anyw=
here from 8 to 16 months old. When we took him to the vet the vet guessed =
at around 2 years or better. He weighed approx. 900grams when we got him a=
nd has lost about 80 grams, which we were told was normal because they're s=
upposed to lose weight over the winter and spring. He was not a very "well=
hung" guy before they neutered him and he has virtually no ferret-smell, b=
ut is not descented. He is albino, extremely active and hyper but very sma=
ll, and he itches a lot. We've put him on Advantage, to ward against fleas=
, although we've never found any on him, and we've changed his diet from th=
e Eukanuba Kitten formula to a ferret formula that hasn't any corn in it (w=
e were told that corn is a common allergy in pets). We're hoping to rid hi=
m of his itchiness with the change in diet and the use of Advantage. The w=
orry is that he's so small, I'm wondering if there's anything we could do t=
o help him bulk up a little? or if we're just needlessly worrying, and he's=
just a runt. Any insight would be much appreciated.


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>Hello, what else do I look for other then the obvious scratching & swollen=
vulva as signs for the 4mos. lupron depot >wearing off.

I have Cedes on the 4 month/1mg shots and I stick to the 4 month schedule. =
Some people wait until symptoms return but I think it's better to keep the=
m on a consistent schedule. Cedes is a bilateral and is 9 y.o. and is stil=
l positive for adrenal disease. I won't put him through another surgery at=
his age. He's been on the Lupron injections for about 1.5 years now, ever=
y 4 months, and seems to be doing fine.