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Date: 2003-07-11 12:59:18 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] - Blood Glucose 26- signs of kidney failure??--can any of ...
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We have a little guy who had surgery for insulinoma 2 years ago. BG levels
were in the 50's, after surgery remained in the 50's. I'm sure they've fallen
lower. He also has 3rd degree AV heart block so we can't do surgery again. He
has adrenal problems, we have to express him several times a day and take him
periodically to the Dr. where she empties his bladder for us. We started him out
on 1mg Pred a day probably 18 months ago. Upped that dosage pretty quickly to
10 mg Pred, yes 10, which he's been on now for over a year. We added
Proglycem about two months ago. We feed him Bob Church's every 4 hours, even 2:30 am.
The key is to know they're eating often. He has only had one seizure. We
change his meds when we see symptoms which for him are shaking really bad. At one
time he started the head bobbing. I think each little fuzzy is unique and we
just have to watch for signs, like your Bandit waking around aimlessly. Our
little guy now poops often in his bed. I just clean it up and give him fresh
bedding. With all his problems, he also has really bad teeth and is often on
antibiotics for that, he still gets up and runs around the room and plays with his
ferret and cat siblings. Like you, I am amazed that he can do anything. If
Bandit is acting confused, maybe your Dr. could add a little more Pred? Each time
we added more it did the trick. And, be sure he's eating, I would think, at
least every four hours. Maybe the just eating every four hours would be helpful
to him. You might try that first and see what happens.
The very best of luck to your getting him under control.
Tiffany and Oscar