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Date: 2003-08-02 12:05:43 UTC
Subject: RE: Insulinoma and Diabetes
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This seems to be a contradiction. Insulinoma causes low blood glucose while diabetes causes high blood glucose. Insulinoma's effects are because too much insulin is being produced while diabetes' effects are because too little insulin is being produced.

While it's true that insulinoma ferrets that undergo a partial pancreatectomy may experience a transient high glucose after surgery, I don't recall ever hearing of a ferret that spontaneously had diabetes like high glucose readings alternating with insulinoma like low glucose readings. Possible I suppose, but it seems pretty unlikely.

There are other things that can cause excessive water intake. Best let a vet check her out to see what's going on.


Author wrote:
> As I was reading the post today, I noticed that there was some
> experience with insulinoma and diabetes. My seven year old,
> Juneau, has insulinoma. I believe that she may also have diabetes.