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From: "Fuzzy Logic"
Date: 2003-08-02 18:00:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Bruising
Message-ID: <>

Author wrote:
Does she have any signs of sdrenal gland disease? Some
of the ferrets with adrenal gland disease also bruise easily.
Is she a ferret that would hold still for a long time? If she is
a "wiggle worm" then she probably would not hold still while
they were trying to get blood which lead to the bruising.
Has the bruising resolve yet?

Dr. Murray -

Thank you for replying to my questions.

There are subtle signs of adrenal, which is why blood was drawn. The sample
has been sent to Tennessee but the results aren't back. She's usually fairly
still and the vet has always been pretty good about not forcing the issue if
she isn't cooperating, and usually lets me decide whether I want Iso to be
used or to just bring her back another time. The bruising started fading six
days later and is finally gone. I was just so concerned because she had
never bruised before and it covered such a large area.

The only other changes have been that her spleen got really huge and hard a
couple days after I first posted and now the fleshy parts of her toenails
are red instead of the usual pink, which further makes me think that
something isn't right. I guess we will know more when the Adrenal Panel
comes back.

Thanks again.

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