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Date: 2003-08-03 13:49:57 UTC
Subject: respiratory infection Ruby
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Many thanks to everyone who sent in ideas and warm thoughts.

After a harrowing nught, Ruby was taken to a new vet with all of her records, test results and four x-rays for a second opinion.
She was on her last legs, her breathing was labored and she kept her mouth open as no air was going through her nose. The lump on the nose was now bigger.

He immediately knew what it was. Her molar!!!!!
He redid the head x-ray as the first was not symetrical and it was clear that the infection led to the tooth.
He extracted it that night and from a dying ferret Ruby became her old lively self.
The tooth had been broken at an odd angle and the root exposed. From there infection set in and up into the sinuses causing massive damge.
Our regular vet did evey test possible and told me to go 800 miles away to a specialized vet hospital.

The first vet not only almost let the infection kill her but cost over a $1,000.00 for no reason.
Abcessed tooth does not respond well to Amoxicillan, or baytril or anything else but only to clindamycine.

The symptoms were similar to flu, nasal and ocular discharge, repeated sneezing fits but did not respond to any antibiotics.

The lump grew on her nose after the cartilage in the nose gave way to the infection.
The first vet had been treating her for 5 months and tried 4 different antibiotics.
The cultures found klebsiella and enterobacter in the nasal discharge.
The poor thing must have suffered with that tooth.

The second vet stabilized her by cleaning her nasal passages repeatedly throughout the day, giving her fluids and the RIGHT antibiotic as well as a strong painkiller.

The operation was a succes and Ruby is on her way to recovery.

Thank you for everyone's help and do not wait, as I did, when your regular vet can't figure out the problem. I should have consulted the second one after the intial 2 months without successly treatment.

It ended well and my son is thrilled but remember, as for humans when a serious diagnosis is given or you doctor is stumped...


Thank you everybody