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Date: 2003-08-03 17:45:42 UTC
Subject: RE: Lymphoma in Lung - Egg Yolk?
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Prednisone in a liquid form comes in many different concentrations. How many mg per ml is the concentration that you are giving? With one elderly ferret with lymphoma in our family despite her being small -- about a pound and a half -- we were giving as much as 5 mg split up over a day when her disease became advanced.

How old is your ferret?

Give the egg cooked and the yolk will be the better part for the ferret according to what I've been told in the past by a gent with his doctorate in animal nutrition. Raw egg whites carry problems with creating dietary imbalances, and raw egg in general carries the risk of disease, especially for a ferret whose immune system is going through the double burden of a malignancy and steroids.