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From: jeanne key
Date: 2003-08-03 20:54:57 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Bruising
Message-ID: <>

Thank you so much for responding to my question reguarding my little sweet
one (Jaws) who passed away from sudden severe brusing. I didn't know there
were medical problems that could cause that kind of brusing. It really helped
me understand that there are other things that can cause this. I only wish her
little cage mate could understand this too. Ever since Jaws passed away Fidget
has physically gone down hill. I've taken him to the Vet a couple times, had
tests, xrays you name it done and nothing was found. He just seems so lost
and extremly sad without her. I feel so sad for him, when he's out he seems to
be still looking for her. He also has to have her favorite toy in his bed with him
at all times. If you were to take it out of his cage, he would go and find it. He
will not except any other ferret at all, and I've tried quite a few. Thank you
again for your info., I really appricate it. Jeanne

>There are many possible causes of anemia or of severe sudden brusing in