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Date: 2003-08-04 16:15:36 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Insulinoma and Diabetes
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Not sure if this is what any of you are talking about but, we have a little
one who's BG was low enough that we had a partial pancreatectomy done. She was
never on any meds. About a year later, she was diagnosed with diabetes. We
check her BG levels several times a day and give insulin injections accordingly.
We have to monitor her closely because she has gone from 450 or so down to 20.
This has happened a few times. It can happen if I give her 1 unit of insulin
or 3. I give her insulin doses according to how her levels have been
fluctuating. If her #'s are say 450 in the am and I give her 2 units and then they drop
to 50 at some point in the day, I give her less insulin at her pm shot. If
she stays in the lower range, I give her less insulin. When she starts to go up
again, and the trend for the day is higher, then I give her more insulin. I
have to check her often because she can crash on any dose. It's a challenge but
we're dealing with it and so far so good.