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Date: 2003-08-05 03:22:44 UTC
Subject: RE: Lumps weight loss need help
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Dear Jennifer:

While I am having a bit of a problem following your description, I am wonde=
ring if what you are all feeling is an enlarged spleen. Loss of half a pou=
nd in a week is considerable.

I would get him back in the morning to see your regular vet.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM

Author wrote:
> We have a ferret that is 5 male (Bashor) he is 5yrs old he went in to the=
vets two weeks ago with symptoms of swollen face and neck (throat was very=
red temp was 104) was given antriobe aquadrops 20 ml twice a day. he was a=
lso given a one time shot of a steriod. (I was not the one that took him so=
I don't know what kind) his symptoms went over night. However Bashor is no=
t eating like he should is still runing a temp. We took him to the vet toda=
y and our usual vet was not there. we saw someone else. she said she thinks=
he may have a tumor even showed us through his skin It was about the size =
of a two peanuts put together.but when I was looking at him we we got home =
he has another lump on the other side. (these lumps are off to either side =
on the lower belly.) my gut feeling is we are not looking at a cancer but =
maybe a blockage of some kind. We are to take him back in the morning when=
the other vet gets back in. I am worried that maybe we should not let this=
go over night. I have been watching him and he has tried several times to =
go potty and not been able to go. I have given him ferret lax and a cat hai=
r ball remedy twice today. just incase that is what we are looking at. Is t=
here something else I should be doing or was the other vets advise good tha=
t we just wait until tomorrow Also wanted to mention the weight loss is qui=
t a bit he has lost 1/2 a pound in a little over a week
> Thanks for any advise
> Jen
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