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From: "Roger Vaughn"
Date: 2003-08-05 21:39:20 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Hair loss / Adrenal
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I think you will find that the experienced vets - a few of whom are
here - will recommend going straight to surgery when they're sure of
an adrenal diagnosis, skipping all of the expensive testing. (You can
search the FHL archives for comments on this.) The Tennessee blood
test is at least $150 (or more, depending on your vet's local fees)
for results that often come back as "inconclusive".

There's also no need for "exploratory" surgery in this case. Your vet
should just prepare to go in and remove the glands. If the glands
look healthy once your vet is in there, he or she can then just close
without removing them. You certainly don't want to put Pippin through
two surgeries for this. (Nor do I think your vet would recommend it.)

All I can say is, use your best judgement and between you and your
vet, decide if you think Pippin really is adrenal. If so, save the
money and skip the blood tests. Save those for when you aren't sure.

"Lethargic and tired" isn't really an adrenal symptom though. You may
want to look for other causes in addition to or instead of the adrenal
disease. Your vet can do an inexpensive blood glucose test in the
office to check for insulinoma, which can cause lethargy. Or it may
be something else entirely that's making him tired. If there is any
suspicion of internal disease, your vet can explore other organs
(including the pancreas, for insulinoma) during the adrenal surgery,
if you opt for that. Be sure to ask him or her about it.

I am not a vet - please check with your vet before making any decisions!