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Date: 2003-08-06 00:42:10 UTC
Subject: RE: Hair loss / Adrenal
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> The vet suggested we do a blood panel to see if it can be diagnosed. My question is - will I have to do a blood panel, then exploratory surgery, then the actual removal of the gland?

Trish, while each vet is different, my vet never sends out for the Tennessee Panel; he does an exploratory based upon signs.

If your vet does an exploratory, if he finds anything, it will be removed at that time. Only on about 2 occasions has my vet not been able to find an enlarged gland. Ironically it was on my own ferrets (versus shelters) both times.

Hershey Kisses, whose signs are blatant, never resolved after her left was removed. Since they are becoming increasingly troublesome for her, she will get Lupron.