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Date: 2003-08-06 01:02:35 UTC
Subject: RE: Millie''s new fur
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Author wrote:

Millie, who had adrenal surgery right before I adopted her.

She was a few years old then, so she is at least 6+ years now.

Ronnie, I had a male that had both adrenals out, was on pred and C-florinef for a while, that eventually grew two new neoplasms that behaved like adrenal tumors.

Pathology stated adrenocortical carcinoma for the second two. Adler was 7 years old when he had surgery for the second 'pair' and had they not been malignant when they were removed, may have lived much longer than the 5 good months he had left. It was prostate involvement that pushed me into surgery at this age. I regretted not doing it sooner, but was so afraid I would loose him to the surgery.

If she isn't responding well to Lupron, I would consider at least an x-ray or ultrasound to see if it is already inoperable.
If she is in good health, I would seriously consider surgery for Millie.