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From: "Diddy"
Date: 2003-08-06 05:55:30 UTC
Subject: Question About Sexual Aggression
To: <>
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A little more than 2 months ago I took 2 ferrets from a pet store that were=

deposited there by an owner that no longer had time for them. Kody is a 6
year old MF male sable and Pody is a 5 year old MF male cinnamon. I took
them directly from the pet store to the vet because they hadn't had shots
for about 3 years. My vet gave them a throrough going over and declared the=
to be in fairly good heath. After I got them home and settled they went
downhill from there. They were quiet and shy and gradually went off their
food. They didn't play, lost weight and wanted nothing to do with any
attention I tried to give them. They seemed like very sad ferrets. I
encouraged them 3 to 4 times a day to eat soup and that's all they have had=

for over 2 months. Over the past 4 or 5 days they have made a great recover=
They are now taking some kibble and integrated nicely with my own 3. They
are even playing now!
Today we went back to the vet for the 3rd time to be re-checked and have
their distemper shot. I also wanted Kody checked out for adrenal as he has
been sexually aggresive towards Pody. He has displayed no other of the
classic signs of adrenal disease. As he has become acclimated to his new
home and surrounding this has lessened some. While my vet was palpating his=

abdomen he detected what he thought was a testicle. I was able to feel it
too when he pointed it out. It feels like a soft free-floating pea that's
attached to what feels like a cord (?) for lack of a better word. My vet
told me he was not positive that that's what it is because the only whole
ferret he's seen in quite some time was there to be neutered. He will be
discussing it with another vet soon.
My questions are.....could that be what it was? If so, could that be the
cause of his behavior? If it is that, what should be my course of action?
Should it be removed? If it's not a testicle what else could it be?

Thanks for any help you could give.

Diddy =