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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2003-08-06 15:26:59 UTC
Subject: Peeling nails
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As has been posted before, we have had a reoccurring problem which
hit its worst first around 5 months ago and then again around 4
months ago when people filled up the album section with non-health
photos -- so that twice people who NEEDED the photo section for
illustrating health concerns were unable to use it. None of us here
wants to see ferret hurt due to such an avoidable mis-allocation of
resources and tools.

Three months ago the few FHL rules which we have (See .) were
altered to include

" 13) Smartgroups allows for photo and file uploads on the website. This is
useful, especially when you are presenting a case. However, space on the
site is limited. Photos and files MUST be health-related; others
will be deleted.
Moderators can move, delete, compress, or otherwise manage any photos and
files to make space for new materials on an as-needed basis.

When uploading, please uncheck the "notify group" box. Leaving the
box checked will result in an automated message going to the group.
Instead, please direct readers to your photos and files in a regular
message to the group when discussing your related case. " .

Due to it now being so long since this rule change went into effect
and was announced we are giving one week's notice before we remove
the remaining non-health photos. If you have any of the temporarily
grandfathered-in ones there which you wish to copy do so right away.

Please, then remove your non-health photos or albums and be sure to
clearly mark health photos which illustrate a medical problem as such
if they are not labelled clearly now, so that when the moderator
follow-up check is done of photos and labels a health photo is not
accidentally deleted.

From: Amy Robbin <>
Message-ID: <>

I have a three year old Panda boy. When I was clipping his nails
yesterday I noticed that his nails were cracked and looked like they had
been bleeding. He's a chronic digger of anything...but I'm not sure if
that is what caused it. Has anyone out there had any experience with
cracked nails? How did you treat them? Any idea of the cause
(nutritional deficiency, air quality). He eats 50/50 Totally Ferret and
Superior Choice. Each day he get's Nupro mixed with Bob Churches' Chicken
Gravy with a couple of squirts of ferretone daily. He is kept in an air
condition roomed with is 4 buddies...let me rephrase that, his three
buddies and his one torture victim.

Any advice?

Amy Robbin
Phone: (978) 897-0100

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