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Date: 2003-08-06 19:38:25 UTC
Subject: RE: Question About Sexual Aggression
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Author wrote:
I also wanted Kody checked out for adrenal as he has
> been sexually aggresive towards Pody. He has displayed no other of the
> classic signs of adrenal disease. ... While my vet was palpating his
> abdomen he detected what he thought was a testicle. ...> My questions are.....could that be what it was? If so, could that be the
> cause of his behavior? If it is that, what should be my course of action?
> Should it be removed? If it's not a testicle what else could it be?

I have had one ferret with a retained testicle; it is very possible that is what you and your vet are feeling.

If it is a retained testicle, it could very easily be the reason he is exhibiting aggressive behavior.

I would seriously consider having your vet remove it surgically; it should be a minor procedure. Pathology showed Bear's had an adrenal type tumor growing on his!

If it isn't a testicle, then I would wonder about a lymph node.

Good luck!