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Date: 2003-08-07 16:22:38 UTC
Subject: RE: Need help with diagnosis- does anyone know these symptoms?
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My little Cookie has been on surgery yesterday's morning (Wedn.)
for an Adrenal Disease tumor...
Monday, I have decited to look for another vet because I tough it will be best for him and for me, to have another visual advice and do surgery as soon as possible.
This vet has been great ! (He has a modern clinic with special equipment, does ferret surgeries, he keeps himself and his clinic update in new technologies ...).
On Monday's evening, he did an exam : Cookie was very skinny, had lost many hairs (spots), and with all symptoms, told us that he was 100% sure it was an Adrenal Disease illness. He had asked a lot of questions, and "by feel", nothing was found... He was deeply interested in Cookie's case, and very happy and surprised that I had noticed illness at the beginning. He told us about other Adrenal surgeries he had done by the past, had explained the entire procedure of this surgery (drawings, stats,...). No need to ask... He has decited to keep Cookie at the clinic to do tests on Tuesday and that he will give news everyday...Tuesday's afternoon, he had called me : on the radigraphy, he had seen something on the left gland, but not sure of other areas. Yesterday, at 8:00 AM, the blood tests results seemed to be OK,
but he wasn't sure "maybe little anaemia", he was waiting for other results...and if it's OK, do the surgery at 10:00 AM. He has called me back at 12:34....and it was all done. Cookie has really a tumor on the left gland, a big one, "like your little finger tip", he told me. Nothing was found on the right gland and other organs, he was very happy of this surgery... After, Cookie had been under serum, had awaked well, seemed to be in good shape...
I don't know what to tell you... I'm very satisfied, what a relief ! By your usefull comments, experiences, knowledges, caring, you have made a lot for me and for my little friend. I appreciate very much what you did for us... Now, Cookie is going back home on saturday morning, and he's gonna need specific care,
if you have ideas or experience...Thank for suggests...

Again : Thanks a lot to everyone,
Your support was so appreciated... Even if you are far from us,
you will always have a little place in our hearts....

Linda and Cookie


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A few years back Meeteetse who was elderly at the time had lymphoma in her spinal cord. Her symptoms were very similar.

What helped her was a combo of giving very high levels of Pred and an opiate pain killer. Off hand I can't recall which pain killer was used, just that we had to up the levels of both meds as the disease advanced. The pain control was absolutely essential for her well-being during her illness.

Pantyhose slings helped her (See instructions in .) and I wish we'd arranged for a wheeled cart for her early on in the illness rather than getting it later but no one knew quite what was happening for a while. Rather than the commercial carts without great front support this really, really called for full back support so those would need extenders, or the padded surfboard style home-made ones instead, or ones made from light weight rodent cages in which the bottom, front and back of the cage is removed, 360' castors put on the corners, and padded slings hung.

Go for easy clean-up; if this is also what you are seeing then the bowels may later be hard to control and the bladder may become harder to control. Meeteetse went thorugh loss of control for both If this is like what happened to Meeteetse let the ferret live in an area without carpet is possible (an option we didn't have but I wish that we did), make sure any mobility cart is washable. Most important, of course, are gentle clean-ups and mositurizing of the ferret's skin due to irritation from urine and feces. Steve's allergic to baby oil but it helped her anyway till we tried olive oil which actually worked better.

Find distracting pleasures like music for the sweetheart.