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From: "scruffyou"
Date: 2003-08-08 01:22:05 UTC
Subject: neutering age/consquences
To: <>
Message-ID: <005001c35d4b$7a974450$7aba1a42@GodsBox>

Hey Hey Hey,

After helping out this past weekend with the Hagerstown Rescue I have an in=
teresting question.

There were a total of 14 hobs in that rescue. Of those 14 hobs, 7 of them =
had prespuse (sp?) (whangdang), hematomas and or tumors. So..........if ea=
rly neuter is believed to contribute to the onset of adrenal, does late or =
no alter contribute to prespuse (whangdang) cancer?

One theory a friend, Diane Campbell, put forth was the marking done by inta=
ct hobs. Most breeders only supply wire cages and the prespuse (sp) is inj=
ured by the continual marking causing hematoma's. Her theory is that the h=
ematomas may contribute to later onset of cancer.

Another theory is the constant flux of the hormones and the violence of the=
mating itself.

Not looking for any real concrete answers here, just stimulating some wonde=
rful medical minds for some thoughts. If neutered too young - adrenal, too=
old -cancer. What then would be the right age? Where in the middle shoul=
d we look for the ideal? And do ya'll have any theories as to why a full h=
alf of those hobs have whangdang problems?


Karen and the Scruff You Gang

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